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Silk Screening | Hot Stamping


PouchMart is proud to present our line of custom printed bags. We now offer one and two color screen printing on our canvas and linen bags. The screen printing process is a permanent ink print solution to your packaging needs. Choose to print a business logo, artwork or text. The options are limitless. 

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Please see guidelines towards end of the page.


Available Silk Screen Colors

Other Colors Available Upon Request
(for additional cost)

Hot stamping is a process that can be used for many different applications. We utilize the service for printing on our pouches, which can help brand your company name or logo. We even have customers who would choose to have their name or date printed on the bags for use at a wedding, anniversary and other special events.

Many of our customers have been thrilled to see the end result of their logo printed on the bags and the impact on their sales. Our metallic finish not only helps distinguish your company logo, but it results in having your product stand out in comparison to competitors. All these great results will help add value to your product, at a minimal cost. We have several stock foil colors that we use, and if required, we can have a specific foil color ordered.

The following are samples of some pouches that have been hot stamped:



Canvas with Hot Stamping   Satin with Hot Stamping
Sheer Organza with Hot Stamping   Velour with White Hot Stamping
Velour with Gold Hot Stamping   Velour with Debossing
Available Hot Stamping Colors
Gold Metallic Foil   Silver Metallic Foil
White Foil   Black Foil


Other Colors Available Upon Request
(for additional cost)

Hot Stamping Details

The hot stamping process, sometimes referred to as foil stamping, is a process that heats foil and transfers the foil onto the pouch. You might hear that hot stamping is a permanent process from other vendors but this is not true. Hot stamping does have the ability to scratch off with certain type of fabrics, but this is not the case at all times. However, the hot stamping process is a very unique print and offers a metallic look unlike other printing methods, such as silk screening. If a permanent process is required, we do also offer debossing, silk screening, and other services which are a more permanent processes, please contact us for more information on those services.

If you would like to order samples of our hot stamped pouches, please click HERE.

Screen Printing & Hot Stamping Guidelines

  • Artwork must be in an AI or EPS file format. Please make sure that the text has been outlined, and files are saved as a vector based image.

  • Normally pouches will be printed towards the bottom half of the pouch to accommodate for the bell shaped form when the drawstring is pulled (unless otherwise noted).

  • Artwork must allow for a minimum of 1/2" from each side of pouch. For example, if you have a 3" x 4" pouch, the logo cannot be wider than 2"

  • If artwork is text only, please make sure to choose a font from Microsoft Word and email it to us. You must also type out the exact text in the format you'd like to be printed.

  • The printing process takes approximately 7-14 business days, once artwork has been approved. Time does not reflect shipping time and may vary due to other projects already in progress. If you are in need of a faster turnaround please contact us.

  • If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please feel free to contact us at, phone or live chat.

  • We reserve the right to refuse products or service to anyone at any time.


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